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Staff Screening is an ISO9001 and 27001 accredited screening company with a wealth of experience behind us. Our senior management can draw on over 100 years of combined experience working with a range of companies ranging from  blue-chip clients who are operating at a large scale, all the way down to small companies who recruit fewer than 10 new employees every year. 

What all these companies have in common is that they require high-quality screening to give them clear and concise information on the people they are hiring – so they can make the right choice.

We’ve seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, and we can help you understand the specific requirements you need to consider when undertaking employment screening, no matter what sector or industry you are in. 

We understand the challenges in getting the right fit for your business and as such our solutions will only add value 

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening

Attract Qualified Individuals

Legal and regulatory compliance is paramount, especially considering the financial and reputational damage that can be caused if you get it wrong.  Our specialised screening checks across all industries make sure that everything is above board and that you’re only working with qualified, compliant individuals.  This is not something you can leave to chance.

Attract Candidates with Cultural Fit

We understand that your business has worked hard to build its reputation and culture based on a foundation of shared values, beliefs and goals.  A bad apple can disturb the balance and wreak havoc within your teams if you’re not careful. Our checks are specifically designed to give you a more holistic view of your candidate, giving you the information you need to assess a cultural fit.

Attract Genuine Talent

63% of applicants admit to lying on their CV about things like work experience, skills, and even education and professional qualifications. Shockingly, only 31% of those who lie are ever caught. Our screening processes help to identify those untruths ensuring  you can verify that your new starters have the qualifications and skills they say they do.

Attract the Best of the Best

Pre-employment screening increases overall applicant quality by deterring those who are unqualified or unsuitable for the role.  This saves an immense amount of HR time and resources for your recruitment team, which can be better deployed in assessing only the very best candidates.

Why Choose ?

We are Experts

With over 100 years of combined management experience in background checks, and a wealth of experience as pre-employment screening specialists, we have seen it all. Our catalogue of screening checks draw on our expert domain knowledge across any industry so that you can rely on service excellence. In addition, we work with a few carefully selected partners to ensure your checks are performed to the highest standards, and our friendly team are ready to develop flexible solutions to fit your company’s individual requirements.

Built for Scale

We are passionate about working with companies of all sizes, from small businesses with ad-hoc screening needs, all the way up to large enterprises who recruit over 50 new employees every year. In 2020 we screened more than 10,000 candidates, and some of our largest clients have over 100 new starters every month. Our service remains world-class and provides clear and concise reporting as your company scales up. No matter the size, we're here to help.

UK's Fastest & Most Secure Screening

We have a screening team of over 25 employees who provide 24/7 support to help businesses like yours vet candidates quickly and reliably. We are proud to provide the UK’s most clear and concise screening in lightning-speed. On average, we turn most things round in 14 days across a wide range of checks, giving you the momentum you need to hire efficiently and effectively.

Solution-Focused User Experience

Client and candidate experience is a key pillar for us and its built deep into our DNA as a company. We strive to deliver efficient and flexible screening services that are driven by a solution-focused mindset that integrates seamlessly into your processes. It's at the heart of everything we do.

1 - 50 Checks Per Year

Our pay-as-you-go service gives your small or medium-sized business the flexibility you need to leverage our screening services for new starters, as and when needed.

50+ Checks Per Year

If you’re doing more than 50 checks a year, then we’d like to design a bespoke solution for your unique needs.  We can offer price reductions for bulk volumes so get in touch today to create your personalised package.