At Staff Screening we work with a wide range of industry leaders across the private and public sector ensuring we are at forefront on industry changes and regulations. A small selection of our partners are below.

Experian plc is an Anglo-Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company. Experian collects and aggregates information on over 1 billion people and businesses including 235 million individual with expertise in credit risk. Experian allows us to bring data to life and turn it from information into insight throughout the customer lifecycle.


GBG allows us to achieve high detection rates for application fraud by quickly comparing customer registration details against rich layers of identity reference data.


Cifas is the UK’s leading fraud and financial crime prevention service, protecting businesses and individuals through effective and secure data and intelligence sharing.


Neotas’ platform powered by AI and machine learning analyses publicly available information including social media and the deep web to provide deeper insights into people and companies at high speed and low cost.


Equifax Inc. is an American multinational consumer credit reporting agency and is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, along with Experian and TransUnion. Equifax collects and aggregates information on over 800 million individual consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide.


TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries.