Employer Hub

No matter what your workforce screening needs are, Staff Screening is here to help.  Our bespoke solutions help you manage everything including permanent employees, temporary agency staff, complex supply chains, and subcontractors to name just a few.  Our services ensure that you are meeting the necessary regulatory obligations so you have complete peace of mind and can focus on what really matters – which is recruiting the very cream of the crop for your business.

Our solutions are completely online and that means you can have a consistent design and feel across the whole workforce, no matter where they happen to be located.  This standardisation makes the whole process much more efficient and maintains an easy-to-use interface for all.

This same interface is also where suppliers can submit candidates across your whole supply chain – ensuring that the candidates are screened in line with whatever requirements you set.

All of this saves you time and effort that can be better used elsewhere.  Our solutions provide recruiters with the comfort that every candidate was screened quickly and consistently, and that the information returned was clear and concise.  They can then do what they do best and hire the very best people for your organisation.