With over 100 years of combined experience in recruitment across our senior management team and over 30 years experience in employment screening, we are well versed in all aspects of background screening and due diligence.

Below, we have highlighted some of the usual checks that companies undertake when they screen new starters.  There have been a number of recent changes in industry-specific regulation, including the introduction of the senior management and certification regime within Financial Services and Insurance, and the onus now lies on companies to complete ongoing checks every other year on their employees. 

In addition, if employees change jobs within an organisation, it might require further screening to be undertaken.  You really can’t afford to leave this to chance.  It’s something you need to take seriously and be on top of.

Types of Checks

Right to Work

We follow the strict national guidelines when assessing a candidate's right to work. By preventing anyone from working illegally we remove any potential legal risk that you could face as a company. We run regular Amberhill checks and access the Met Police database to assess fraudulent and stolen passports in the UK, mapping them against your staff complement to ensure that no individual enters your business without valid documentation.

Address Verification

The verification of a candidate's address is a key component that underpins the integrity of a number of other checks. As such, we employ a multi-stage address verification process to obtain multiple primary and secondary sources, the combination of which gives us 100% assurance that the addresses are correct. We have access to the largest pool of independent data in the UK and can offer unparalleled services as a result.


We know that obtaining good references for qualitative employee screening is a crucial part of the process. Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, we ensure that every candidate goes through meticulous and comprehensive employment history checks. It doesn't matter where these people are, we will work 24/7 to chase international references and process those results around the clock. Thus, you can be confident that your chosen candidates have been vetted effectively. We're also well experienced in obtaining regulated references for senior management regime roles if that is required.

Highest Education

We verify every candidate's highest level of academic qualifications or professional membership credentials across a wide range of relevant institutes and awarding bodies. We go above and beyond to check any job-specific questions that you highlight to us, and ensure that the person holds documentation to show they are suitably qualified for the role they have been recruited for. All of this means that you'll have no surprises.


CIFAS is the UK's leading fraud prevention organisation, managing the largest database of instances of fraudulent conduct in the country. We are uniquely placed to conduct CIFAS checks through our fully integrated solution, providing an unmatched level of service to significantly help in preventing fraud and reducing risk.

Criminal Record Checks

We run basic, standard, and enhanced criminal record checks to reveal any criminal convictions, cautions, or reprimands (both spent and unspent), and whether a person is on the children's and/or adults barred lists. Our fast track service normally provides results in 12 hours and our clients rave about how this helps maintain momentum during the recruitment process. No bottlenecks here.

Occupational Health Checks

Our SEQOHS accredited Occupational Health team provides fitness-to-work assessments and certifications for over 9,000 individuals a year. Our work ensures equitable, accessible, and impartial service that contributes to improved organisational productivity for our clients, while also treating candidates with the dignity and empathy they deserve.

Directorship Checks

Through our direct integration with Companies House, we conduct UK and International Directorship checks that set out to verify an individual's current and previously held directorships. We can provide a clear representation of whether the individual is barred from becoming a director or the subject of any insolvency proceedings which may present conflicts of interest. All of this serves to safeguard your business operations.

Social Media Checks

We have the ability to look at all open social media platforms, web sources, media sites, international and legal records, online discussion boards, and dark web sources to comprehensively check the online history of an individual. This service identifies much more information than a regular search engine check - which can be extremely helpful in evaluating a candidate's online presence. Our checks confirm addresses, identify family and friends of interest, and much more to help give you a clear picture of your candidate.

Adverse Media Checks

Drawing from a range of bespoke sources, our adverse media checks cross the gamut, including traditional media, broadcast media, and online media. These checks will bring to light any detrimental information relating to a candidate's behaviour that would be otherwise unavailable to you. This can include information around financial terrorism drug trafficking, organised crime, money laundering, and the Dow Jones watchlist to name a few.

DVLA Checks

For individuals who may be required to drive in their role, our DVLA checks are a simple, yet effective solution to ensure the suitability and reliability of an individual's driving. We check the validity of an individual's driving license, any penalty points, impaired charges, speeding, and any other offences listed on their records.

International Credit Checks

Our extensive global network of investigators and agents work with us to provide information about individuals you’re looking to hire. With reliable, up-to-date information across more than 200 countries worldwide, our global reach ensures accurate verification of the financial probity of any given individual no matter where they are in the world.

International Criminal Checks

We have a wealth of experience conducting police checks in over 200 countries worldwide. Our international criminal checks are conducted both in-house and through a carefully controlled supply chain of external partners, ensuring we bring immediate benefits across both cost and process while still maintaining the highest quality of accuracy.

Activist List Checks

Using proprietary technology as well as publicly available sources, we can identify potential hires who have a history of extreme activist views that may conflict with the interest of your business. We recognise the risks that this brings when hiring candidates and provide you with the information you require to make informed hiring decisions, in line with your company values.

1 -50 Checks Per Year

Our pay-as-you-go service gives your small or medium-sized business the flexibility you need to leverage our screening services for new starters, as and when needed.

50+ Checks Per Year

If you’re doing more than 50 checks a year, then we’d love to design a bespoke solution for your unique needs.  We can offer price reductions for bulk volumes so get in touch today to create your personalised package.