About Us

Here at Staff Screening Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in providing employment screening and due diligence services across both regulatory and non-regulatory roles. If you were to combine all the years of experience that our senior management holds, you’d be able to draw on more than 100 years in the sector.  By leveraging our expertise, you can be confident your employee screening is not just accurate but clear and concise.

The company holds ISO9001 and 27001 credentials and is a valued member of a number of professional associations 

Our professional employment screening services assist businesses and individuals to easily identify their specific requirements.  This is not a cookie-cutter approach, but rather one that takes into account the context and individual circumstances facing each and every one of our clients.

Our dedicated team currently supports over 500 clients who are using our employment screening solutions, including UK-based FCA-regulated companies, the NHS, various FTSE 100 companies, and blue-chip companies that you might be familiar with.

The UK’s Fastest-Growing Screening Provider

Staff Screening was established in early 2020 and is fast becoming one of the UK’s most trusted screening providers. We pride ourselves on the following:

  • A solid management structure, which encourages open dialogue between us and our stakeholders, which often invites new ideas and innovations that end up benefitting our clients.
  • Sophisticated IT systems enhance the overall client experience by increasing productivity, improving communication, and enhancing screening procedures.
  • An innovative and client-focused approach to delivering mutually beneficial solutions.  We achieve this through a deep understanding of the customer needs and that’s why so many of the UK’s top companies are trusting us with their staff screening work.
  • ISO9001 and 27001 credentials.

Global Presence

Staff Screening is a global brand with a rapidly growing international presence and reputation.

We support a myriad of clients across a vast array of industries – bringing our high-quality service offerings to clients across the world.

Our head office is in South West London, but we also have offices in Brighton and in Kent.  Combine this with an established network of trusted partners and we are able to successfully screen staff on a truly global scale.

Our Vision & Mission

We have four discrete areas of strategic focus:

  1. Clients and Candidates ;
  2. Screening;
  3. Operations;  
  4. People.

Across each of these pillars, we strive to deliver exceptional service that takes the administrative burden off our clients and lets them focus on higher-value tasks.  We are only able to do this by hiring and working with the cream of the crop.  We recognize that the skills and domain expertise that we bring onboard carry our reputation and are the most important factor in our success.  Our clients depend on us for that.

Our mission is to become a global leader in staff screening and to do so in a way that accelerates the business potential of the clients we work with.  When our interests are aligned, magic can happen.

We are incredibly proud of our client retention rate, and we work every single day to maintain this through consistent communication throughout the customer journey, world-class service delivery, and empathetic relationship-building with all of our stakeholders.

Our History

Staff Screening was formed in 2020 by the director of C and L , who was on a mission to build a business of purpose after understanding the challenges in recruiting 

By incorporating new ideas and concepts and consistently introducing new technology, we have very quickly become a forerunner in the field of staff screening and background checks in a wide range of sectors.

Our methodologies are under regular evaluations to ensure that the screening we carry out is conducted in the most compliant, ethical thorough, and cost-effective manner possible. We are on a mission to transform this industry from the inside out.

Meet our Senior Management and some of our Support Team

Spencer Ross


Having founded Staff Screening in 2020, Spencer continues to work as a director of the business, bringing his vast experience to play in delivering on its promises. He also is a director in a few other companies which gives him a birds-eye view of the market as a whole. Spencer has become a leading authority on background checks and holds a number of professional qualifications including an LLB Hons in Law.

Jane Hardcastle 

Business Development Executive 

Having held a number of  Business Development roles over the last 15 years, as well as a number of senior sales positions, is a sales professional with outstanding business management & development skills built over 20 years in the U.K & international markets Jane is perfectly placed to help onboard new clients. She holds a number of sales qualifications and looks after a small team working with our clients and their associated accounts personnel.

Ms Gopi Kapoor 

Client Account Manager 

Having held a number of sales roles over the last 15 years, as well as a number of Sales positions, and holding a BA Hons from Birmingham university Gopi is perfectly placed to look after our clients and new accounts. Gopi also has a wide range of experience in Marketing & communications, Market research, Social media marketing, Web research, Lead generation, Data analysis, Customer service, Business development, Account management, Recruitment Sales

Ms Coxen

Head of Accounts

Having held a number of legal secretarial roles over the last 20 years, as well as a number of finance positions, Ms. Coxen is perfectly placed to look after the accounts. She holds a qualification from CILEX and thrives as she looks after a small team working with our clients and their associated accounts personnel.

Kane Mulligan

Head of Compliance 

Kane holds a number of professional qualifications in management and auditing.  Along with his team, he looks after all the ISOs and compliance processes, as well as overseeing all of referencing.

Myles Bamford 

Head of Referencing candidates 

Myles holds a number of professional qualifications and along with his teams, looks after all of the referencing requests ensuring reports are returned in accordance with our SLAs and KPIs.

Brendan Harris 

Head of  Client and Candidate  Experience 

Brendan holds a number of professional qualifications in customer service.  Along with his team, he looks after the client experience.